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Baby Bling

Baby Bling Printed DEB Clip II Spring Fling

Baby Bling Printed DEB Clip II Spring Fling

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The Printed DEB Clip is one Dang-Enormous-Bow! A sweet soft bow with tailored tails adds to this traditional style bow. Now offered on a gold alligator clip with an etched "b" logo!

The bow measures approximately 4.5" across. This style is secured with adhesive once tied and is not meant to be untied. Included is an alligator pinch clip that can conveniently switch to whichever side you prefer. The printed material is a soft nylon/spandex blend produced in China. Each headband is hand sewn and tied by women in the Baby Bling local community. Due to the nature of small-batch production color and sizing can vary slightly.

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