Making Memories & Fathers Day Traditions

Making Memories & Fathers Day Traditions

When it comes to Father's Day, it's not just about giving a gift and calling it a day. It's about creating lasting memories and traditions that will be cherished for years to come. Here is a list of some fun and unexpected ways to spend Father's Day weekend. 

1. Dad Joke Competition

Challenge your family members to a dad joke competition and see who can come up with the cheesiest, most eye-rolling jokes. My suggestion, write these jokes down on a sheet of paper and pull them out of a jar for dad to read aloud. Whatever joke gets the most giggles, wins the competition. 

2. DIY Dad Awards

One of my favorite days as a child was our awards day ceremonies at school. Everyone loves to be recognized and celebrated for what makes them special. This year, let your kids create their own Father's day awards ceremony. Make sure all men that will be in attendance get at least one award. Get creative with glitter, markers, and construction paper to make these awards truly special. Some fun ideas would be "Best Dad Jokes" or "Master of the Grill."

3. Backyard BBQ Cook-Off

Fire up the grill and have a DIY BBQ cook-off where everyone gets to create their own signature dish. Dad can be the judge and decide who takes home the title of BBQ champion. You can even tie into a gift for dad, especially if you decide to get him a new grill like the blackstone my husband has had on his wishlist for a while now. 

4. Paint-A-Portrait of Dad 

First, gather all your art supplies and set up a designated "studio" space.  You can do this activity with paint or really any drawing supplies of your choice. You can pick up a 10-pack of canvas's at your local craft store for about $12. Dad sits at the head of the table and everyone gets to work. In the "Paint a Portrait of Dad" game, everyone's a winner! The real prize is the joy and laughter that comes from creating something unique for your dad. Whether your masterpiece ends up looking like a Picasso or a preschool doodle, the important thing is the fun you will all be having together. 

5. Ice Cream Party

This is actually a new tradition were starting with my family this year.  My step-dad has a serious sweet tooth and a big love for ice cream, so we are getting him an Ice Cream maker. I ordered the Ninja Creamy because it has really great reviews and you can order for pickup at target and get it within two hours. I plan to take the kids to the grocery store first and get all the supplies to make some fun ice cream flavors so as soon as Grandpa opens his gift, we are ready to get to work. This really feels like a gift for everyone.

So, this Father's Day, why not start a new tradition that will bring joy and laughter to the special dad in your life? Get creative, have fun, and make this day one to remember!

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