What Moms Actually Want For Mother's day

What Moms Actually Want For Mother's day

Savannah Dougherty on 20th Apr 2023

Who runs the world??


Like seriously, where would we all be without our mom? Or if you ARE a mom…where would your family be without YOU?

Every mom deserves to be celebrated this Mothers Day!

With that being said, Moms can also be super difficult to buy things for.

My husband has already asked me what I would like for Mothers Day this year and I, of course, had no clue what to tell him.

At that moment when you are trying to figure out what your mom or mother in law or even you would like for Mothers Day, you probably draw a blank.

Who has the brain capacity to think about that on the spur of the moment?

You probably end up forgetting to truly take the time to think about it and end up last minute shopping. Then you end up with something super random.


With that being said, we want to make it really easy for you this year. We also want to make sure you get the gift you deserve so send this blog to your spouse!! ;)

The Perfect Mothers Day Gifts At Wrightsville Ave

Have you seen our MANDRN Bags?

They are SO beautiful and super functional.

Perfect for strapping on and carrying all your essentials.

My favorite thing about them is they aren't super big and bulky.

While carrying this around you are likely to get asked where you got your cute and trendy bag from. ;)

I am so known for laying my bags down when out and about and having a panic attack 5 seconds later because I don’t know where it is.

Not an issue with these as you don’t have to take it off to get things out and or pick up your kid.

These are so great for moms!! You can check out our selection here!

Another great option is our custom stack bracelets!

These are SO popular with moms and grandmas. Just let us know what name you want and a color scheme.

I personally got my daughters name on mine and I love it so much!

We also have these beautiful Katie Loxton bracelets that moms love.

Are you a boy mom or a girl mom? We’ve got both covered!

One of our best selling brands is Scandal Italy!

Scandal is a one size fits most brand, so a safe buy if you're not sure of a size.

It is made with beautiful Italian silk and feels SO good!

You can see all of our Scandal items here.

You can never go wrong with a candle.

We LOVE Coastal candle Co and their unique Wilmington inspired scents and names.

Speaking of scents, have you smelled our Pirette Perfume?

Someone tell my husband this is what I want!

It smells like you just came off the beach but in a non sweaty gross way. It’s the best!

Finally, what mom doesn’t want some new athleisure wear?

We have the best stuff in right now from Thread & Supply Recreation.

It is super stylish and SO comfortable! Check it out here!

We hope this helps make your Mothers Day shopping so simple and easy!

As always, we would LOVE to help you get a gift together. Give us a call or send us a message and we will help you out.

Happy Mothers Day to all of you super women out there!

With love,

The WA Team