Valentine Basket Ideas For Your Little

Valentine Basket Ideas For Your Little

Savannah Dougherty on 19th Jan 2023

Love is in the air!

I am embarrassingly obsessed with Valentine's day. It’s my favorite holiday (is it a holiday? Let’s go with YES), besides Christmas.

I am a major pink girl so all the girly pink and hearts gives me so much pleasure. I also just love lovey dovey things.

I of course believe we should show love ALL the time, BUT…I just think it’s such a cute little day.

I also used to celebrate it with 20+ kindergartners when I was teaching and seeing them get so excited to give their friends little cards and treats melted me.

Maybe that has something to do with why I love it so much!

Need ideas for your child's school Valentine party? Tap the picture for some really great priced bulk items that cover the whole class. EASY!

What Is A Valentine Basket?

Have you heard of making a Valentine's basket for your littles?

My 22 month old has no clue what Valentines is but you best believe I will be making her a Valentine Basket.

Valentine's Baskets are the same idea as an Easter Basket and a Halloween Boo Basket.

Are they necessary?


Are you a bad mom if you decide not to make one for your little?


They are just simply a little fancier way of giving your child a Valentine.

When Do I Give My Valentine Basket?

There is no right answer here.

I gave Eden her Valentine Basket on Valentine's morning last year.

However, if you decide to buy Valentine themed pjs or any type of clothing you may want to give your basket at the beginning of the month so that they are able to get lots of wear out of them leading up to Valentine's Day.

I am weird about being so done with themed things once the day has come and gone.

For example, once Christmas is over…goodbye Christmas jammies.

I do think that Valentines are much easier to wear after actual Valentines Day though.

Nothing wrong with wearing pink and red hearts at any time of year, so if you rather hold them back for the day of, do it!

Another idea is to give any Valentine themed clothing at the beginning of the month with maybe something really simple, like candy. 

It’s a mini Valentines Basket to celebrate “the season”. Then, you are able to do the rest in your “bigger basket” on VDAY! 

Again, there is no right answer. Do what makes the most sense to you. 

These are just some ideas.

What Goes In A Valentine Basket?

No need to break the bank making a Valentine Basket.

You should stick to whatever budget you are most comfortable with.

I have seen many parents do so many different types of gifts for their child's Valentine basket.

Maybe there is a slightly more expensive gift that you didn’t get for Christmas that you would like to now make a Valentines gift.

That’s a great idea!

I really wanted to get E a tonies box for Christmas but I was all spent out and decided to wait.

Do your more expensive gift and throw in 1 or 2 small inexpensive things like VDAY candy and a Valentine stuffed animal or toy.

They would love it!

If you rather not do anything too pricey, there are so many options of Valentine themed toys, activities, and more.

Click the pictures for all of these different options.

Shop Your Valentines Basket At Wrightsville Ave

We have THE CUTEST Valentine basket options here at Wrightsville Ave.

Our True Love Valentine Twirl Dress is so adorable and makes the perfect VDAY themed outfit they could rock long after Valentines.

This sweater is also one of my favs!

Love you Mucho! I mean, come on? How cute is that!

We of course, also got jammies. Jammies are kind of our thing

Brave, Kind, & Loved footies and in a 2 piece set.

They are buttery soft and again, definitely something to wear even after V DAY has come and gone.

We also have some PINK HATS for our little dudes that would be perfect!

Plum snapback


And the moment all of your kids have been waiting for……………BATH BOMBS!

Yes, with their beloved surprise toy inside.

These are heart shaped and so cute and perfect for your Valentine Basket.

A few other WA basket fillers:

Pink Rags Tee

Hudson the Polar Bear Cuddle & Kind Doll

Sawyer The Lion Cuddle and Kind Doll

Sunglasses- message us for more options :)

Happy Valentines from Your WA Team

No matter what you decide to put in your child's Valentine's Basket, I’m sure they will be so excited!

We hope you have a love filled Valentines with your little loves.