About Us

About Us 

Hi there! If you found yourself on this page, thank you for wanting to get to know us! 

Wrightsville Ave. Boutique is a locally owned an influenced boutique, featuring women’s and kid’s fashion.  Wrightsville Ave. was established in October 2019 with a purpose in mind- giving mothers, grandmothers, women and local college babes a unique shopping experience.  While we offer stylish “mommy and me” duos, we want everyone to know that they can shop here for styles that are on trend!  After all, Wrightsville Ave. is for all the babes! 

Meet the Owner

Even as a child, my dream was to own a boutique. I’ve always held an enthusiasm for style, which ignited my background in retail fashion and ultimately my pursuit to own a business. After my husband, Matt and I had our daughter, I fell in love with children’s fashion as well. 

Like many mothers, I have faced the challenges of finding baby clothes that reduce skin irritation, are durable, and are safe for babies, toddlers and children. Through research and experience, I quickly learned about baby brands that other mothers around the country rave about. While I knew children’s clothing would be a big part of my business, I also wanted to include my passion for women’s style. I have continued to meticulously select women’s products that match the same quality standards, meet current trends and can be worn in versatile ways. Through knowledge of product details and fashion trends, my team and I are committed to keeping all the Wilmington babes in trendy, high quality products from Wrightsville Ave. Boutique!